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  frappa76 2005-11-23 4:23

I am not sure I understood your note.I red your profile and you seem interested and occupied in humanitarian what were you looking for in Vatican City?
It's easy to "shot-shoot" against who can't reply you!
Anyway Vatican City it's not "THE CHURCH" but a big part of it...even if I think that the most important part is represented by the thousands of priests around the world and the persons like you and me who are sometimes occupied in humanitarian activities..
So I don't understand your note and the persons who marked it useful...maybe useful to understand something more about Rome,Church,Vatican City...or more about photography?well I don't think so!
Respectful regards...Francesco

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Default To frappa76: Hi Francesco

Thanks for your note.

Yes, I really interested about humanitarian activities, I'd like to do more, but I do what I can do.

With this photo I only try to show my incredulity before the cupola of the catholic church. Nothing I have against the people, in more cases extraordinary, who work for the church, but that is impossible to me to associate the message of Jesus with what I saw in the Vatican. I believe that it is really a work of art for the man and a shame for the Church.

All the Vip's pay to seat in front of the Pope, what about the normal people? It's very difficult to express feeling in a language is not mine, and I hope you understand the meaning of this letter.

I like the Jesus message, I'm sure is true and a very good way to grow like a person, but I don't find it in the Vatican City.

Thanks a lot again, and regards.

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Old 11-23-2005, 01:28 PM
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Default Re: To frappa76: Hi Francesco

Hello Jordi,
thanks for your reply.Yes,also for me it's difficult to explain in English.Anyway our points of view are a little bit different(maybe not much but only a little bit) and this discussion could be everlasting. :))
I like to think about Vatican City as a State, as an Administration Center. The idea of CHURCH is the one I have already expressed anyway I understand but not share your opinion.
P.S. Common people can meet the Pope in the Wednsday Audience...of course under request and invitation ...otherwise imagine how many persons!!!
Sincere and respectful regards, Francesco
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Old 11-23-2005, 03:04 PM
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Default Re: To frappa76: Hi Francesco

Mis respetos Francesco.

Les nostres posicions son semblants, pero no iguals.
Ets un home respectuos i aixo m'agrada.

Una forta abraçada !!!

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