Scanning B&W negs

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    I'm new here and new also to scanning-I recently bought a Coolscan IV, fine with colour negs and positives. However the ICE dust & scratch removal doesn't work on most of my B&W negs (it works ok on Kodak potra). I phoned Nikon who told me that the software can't deal with mono images. Are there other ways round this? Does photoshop offer a solution? I have access to Photoshop 7 but I haven't started using it yet.
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  • Re: Scanning B&W negs
    Yes, that's a well known shortcoming of on BW negs : anti dust simply doesn't work, as it also won't on Kodakchrome slides. Why is that ? I don't have the heck of an idea, but you'll have to cope with it...

    There's no efficient way to remove dust globally even though there's an antidust blur filter (don't use it!). Then locally use the healing brush or the patch tool to remove dust spots.