Unethical TE!!

  • TE Admin,

    Can you provide me an explanation as to why my picture was removed even though I requested a review?? I see no reason why you would do that without telling me! This is hugely unprofessional on your part and my impression of TE has gone really down.

    Honestly, for such a rigidly-driven site, I don't know if newbies like me would be much interested in visiting again.
  • Hello Hitika,

    The Moderators are responsible for removing photos which, in their considered view, do not conform with the Terms of Service. We actually try to conduct our decision-making in a careful, professional manner.

    I'm sorry to say it has taken a little time to enable a number of moderators to discuss your request for a review. In fact, we simply do not have the time to do this with all requests. However, I have written a private email to you about this, which is the usual way to communicate in these matters. I hope it helps to alleviate your annoyance.

    TE Moderator