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Great nszeretlek 2009-12-09 7:57

Don´t remember about that street even now that i have very recent my trip to Budapest having found the city mood specially moped down and aggressive what´s not good at all if Hungary wants to emerge touristically ...a really shame ...:(

koszonom for such an interesting picture and hoping to see more

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Default To nszeretlek: your comment

Hola Miguel!

Thank you for your comments on my photos :-). Well, November and December are not even the right months to visit Budapest. It's a lot better in October or in April-May.

However, I didn't really understand what made you so much disappointed and what you meant by aggressive. I mean, mostly people like Budapest but perhaps I can learn something new from you because of which I can be mad :-D. I mean, many things I am also unhappy with here: how they construct the town (e.g. where there should be a park, yet another building is built up). Now the city centre is being reconstructed so that streets and squares are more linked to each other but in general it's not a very 'user-friendly' town, I agree :-). I'm just a little sad that it was not as good as you might have expected.

But tell me about your Hungarian. Your username and "köszönöm" :-).

Thanks for your comment again, I hope to hear more of your opinion.

Oh, and about the dish, you know, I have no idea now what exactly it was there. There were several places making traditional dishes but this one in the picture just put all the tasty ingredients into a pan and created something still enjoyable... It must have had a name but I cared more about the situation rather than the food. I should have analized more though... (If I want to be a good photographer ;-).)


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Default Re: To nszeretlek: your comment

Szia Csabi ,

Thanks for such a nice and complete answer ...I was in Hungary until the last Tuesday having spent almost a week there . My wife is German-Hungarian ( maybe 75 per 100 of her blood belongs to Germany but her soul , best memories and affection is for Hungary since she has live her teen days between Baja , Pécs and Szeged ) From time to time we usually travel to Hungary mainly to sort out some administrative issues regarding her flat in Budaörs and to see how it all works despite paying some visits to her friends and contacts over there ...Since 2007 i had not the chance to visit Hungary and this time i was so excited about the fact of experiencing how the city could have change ...My relationship with your country is not easy because t seems i have not been able to connect with some Hungarian topics even more when my wife used to persuade me about how wonderful everything is there ...The thing is she is realising about the raw truth and every time she travels she becomes more and more disappointed : People is really aggressive and it makes my wife feel pain in her soul . One can not deny or abstract oneself to a stream of negative energy when travelling by metro , getting a bus or tram , asking for anything , craving for help ven daring to express some thoughts in Hungarian (jo napot kivanok , szia , hogy vagy ...) ...In Kobanya i felt as a criminal for not being able to find the right way to the Metro line with such violent control belt for the tickets , the Rendorszeg tried to humiliate me in Ferihegy 1 when i was about to check in backhome to Barcelona by asking for my documents in a threatening way , asking me silly things i was politely answering till the moment i said : it is ok ...why are you asking me those things !...I feel respected in my country , Spain for my attitude and even more for my profession (I´m a Notary ...Kosjetzo or something like this in Hungarian) but in Budapest when those policemen ran into me i felt as a poor stinky immigrant ...I´m supposed to leave money to your countryu and i don´t even receive a smile , get help or treat as a human being ...It was a pity my wife and me shared this trip with a couple of Spanish friends and they felt the same and for them it was a miracle Annette speaks Hungarian because the city was not prepared for English spoken tourists ...(When you arrive in Kobanya tell me how you would get to Deak Ferenc if you did not speak Hungarian ...When checking there was another sad incident between the airport workers and a bunch of Catalans beczause of the bulks to be transported : one Hungarian girl , literally shouting told DO YOU SPEAKKK HUNGARRIANNN DOO IT NOW OR YOU WON¨T FLY ...

Ok ...I'm somehow forced to settle a friendly convivence with that country because of Annette´s family and also because i will be travelling over there with some frequence ...I don´t enter political or economical connotations because to be just polite is not as difficult at all ...What made me feel sad is that Hungarians are getting closer and closer with that attitude , they are frightening the foreign tourists and i think tourism is one of the things that can make Budapest emerge ,a kind of boost to clean its face up , add more energy and dynamism , change the face of many of those decrepit districts that you by sure know far deeply ...

If i were a simple tourist i would say , ok i won´t get back , BP is a nice setting , with privileges views , nice for sightseeing and smiling only if you poured out a bunch of Euro notes in Gundel or places like that ...Believe me , i know what i tell you because i know your country and it is sad , it hurts the country of your wife is so so hostile and crispy sometimes when there´s no reason for that ...

And of course , my sensations after having got back here are really bitter and it is something that hurts ...even more when we , as travellers have been compiling wonderful human experiences from our trips everywhere but in Hungary :(

I hope you don´t feel offended for my opinion

Koszi and Have a great weekend !

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Default Re: To nszeretlek: your comment

Hi Miguel!

Well, you wrote such an unexpectedly long letter full of thoughts even that I couldn't just leave the answer to some other time.

I don't know at this moment what to say. Or rather what to begin with.

I am not offended at all but I could actually feel ashemed on behalf of a whole country. And you know what? Let's get straight to the point: all these things you have written down are the reason why I'm planning to leave Hungary soon and find a kind of new life in Norway. Because those people in the North know how to care about each other and smile because they honestly can and like to smile! I especially hate administrations - they can literally stab you in the heart with their attitude. There are some aspects though:
- I agree it's quite tough, even for me, to get from the Airport via Kobanya to the city centre.
- police officers and administrative and sometimes average people can be 'difficult' but they are rude with Hungarians as well (and it's a shame they are not any different with foreigners either - this is what I call unintelligent)
- important: people in Budapest are different from those in the countryside (like in every capital, people are more narrow-minded and career-focused here, rather than 'human').
- strange but true: even when Hungarians find each other abroad, well, they do not help each other at all and they can even compete and fight (except if they like each other and become friends, etc.).

I would otherwise love to say a hundred other things but I don't want to complain and be negative because that is really Hungarian :-). And I do not want to defend ourselves because I absolutely agree with all you said and these are things that every now and then happen with me as well (once again, I'd hide away to the most remote corner of the Earth because of shame), but I'd also like to say something anyway. As you can see I am not a fan of my country either (only in the context of touristic, artistic and cultural heritage) but I know many-many people who love it anyway, even those that have been here a hundred times. I have once been a host and guide to an Englishman who wanted to discover the real and underground Budapest - he was loving it how it was being transformed. I have once been a guide to a family from the Netherlands and I spoke Dutch to them and as I do not consider myself a typical Hungarian (neither do my friends) I think the result was good: this Dutch family was extremely satisfied with how I was helping them. I have a friend from Sweden, who has her roots in Hungary but was grown up in Sweden and even her mother tongue is Swedish. She knows the country and its people very well - and she is simply loving everything about it inspite of difficulties sometimes. Good for her: I cannot tolerate many things either, just like you. I even have friends from Spain who absolutely adore it. Again, I could go further with this list as well. Cause I have friends from many countries, they, and the foreign friends of my Hungarian friends like this country.

To go back to the original atmosphere of the e-mail, there are moments when I am extremely angry with some Hungarians and when I find myself in desperate situations. That's when I hate to be a Hungarian. But at the same time everything depends on what situation you are in. Also when you write about smiling or having a conversation, I agree with that as well. I know that it matters a lot for someone who's having a hard day just to smile at the person, say some encouraging words (like "keep it up, it's almost 21.00 and your day will be over then, you can go home" - even to someone I don't know), so I always try to do my best.

Originally I'm not from Budapest and I have grown up in a caring, loving, honest and hard-working family. I have studied in Belgium and speak English, Dutch and Norwegian (and understand some Danish and Swedish and German), I am interested in arts, travelling and people, I even work in an international atmosphere where I get to work together with hundreds, even thousands of Brits, Germans, Dutch, Belgians, Slovakian, Polish, people from the Baltic, from Scandinavia, Italy. And because of that also I think the world won't be ruined because of Hungary...

Well, my conclusions are maybe something like these: it all depends on the situation, what kinds of people you meet... but maybe the most important question one has to ask when in these kinds of situations: why? Because there is always a story behind...

With all my respect and sympathy,
Csaba from Hungary
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