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Old 04-01-2009, 09:24 PM
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Default Re: Patrice Carre's Wave - to Admin.

To Viviane the moderator

As you say: "PS: removing the endless stream of photos that is outside misson"

I was into the gallery for 10 minutes and made a copy of some thumbnails that I would say is within the same definition to the one I understand you removed. And with all kind of respect to the outstanding work of the mods. Tell me how I can understand the need for removing 1 photo but keep others (all in the link from the last pages of the gallery and to be identified within 10 minutes (starting of course at the same point).

Why I can not understand the need for deleting ONE but keeping XXXXXXXX

I understand that you are a person of high integrity madam moderator. And believe it or not so am I. And I can not give you or your superiors any credit for doing a random or conditional moderation of the site. Either you do moderating or you step aside and resign (don't even mention that there is not time enough or any payment for the job - at the best dicuss that with supermod Justine Cogan, do not whine about it here). No need to attack me for not understanding your way of operating. The photos talk for themself (all to be found within 10 minutes..)
Old 04-01-2009, 10:39 PM
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Default Re: Patrice Carre's Wave - to Admin.

Hi Jack

A picture is worth a thousand words and your graphic visual presentation says it better than xxxxxx thousand words!

Old 04-02-2009, 05:55 AM
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Default Re: Patrice Carre's Wave - to Admin.

Hi Jack,
I could recognize one location from those fingerprints. And many others couldn't be shot just anywhere. So, at least most of them are not pure abstractions without any possible learning about the world value. I don't know though if they have a note supporting that target.
Old 04-02-2009, 06:05 AM
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Default Re: Patrice Carre's Wave - to Admin.

Should the complaint here not be that one graphic image has been removed, but that others have not been?
Old 04-02-2009, 06:06 AM
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Default Re: Patrice Carre's Wave - to Admin.

To Jack

The context was: No one regards TE as a paradise, but improving the site, removing the endless stream of photos that is outside misson, TOS and guidelines but still at the same time have mods with necessary flexibility and eye for the quality of the work presented at TE can't be to much to ask.

So I now understand you give all these pictures as the endless stream of photos that is outside misson and should be removed.
But the truth is that somewhere there must be a limit and I can't find the words to explain how difficult it is to find the limits. We are not machines, no. We really try to discuss the Review Requests, we really try to discuss also when we are hesitating about a photo before any inactivation. And sometimes you've to give up because the majority says so...
Moderating is not an exact science.

But now I please want to let Kev's thread as answered concerning me. Please start a new thread "How to get rid of madam moderator" it will be more to the point I think... ;o)))
Old 04-02-2009, 08:30 AM
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Default Re: Patrice Carre's Wave - to Admin.

Thread to be deleted:

- TE tended once to give more space to series, the photo shouldn't be deleted as it was part of a series
- the thread became a vindictive mean to get even for things from the past (deleted threads I got as souvenir)
- forum is meant for all members and not for stalking or spam (Adam would have delete this immediatly)
Old 04-02-2009, 09:08 AM
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Default Re: Patrice Carre's Wave - to Admin.

Viviane. I do not consider the examples in my link or the removed photo as right or wrong by themselfs. I just state that the a random and conditional moderating of photos at TE is unacceptable.

There is clearely a need to moderate the site to have a more attractive and interesting TE according to the mission, the TOS and the guidelines. The situation for TE have for a long time been that long time members and/or many members with a strong focus to the site have left and/or removed their photos. Time after time there is discussions in the forum where members come forward with frustrations to the way the site is moderated. If you and other moderators is unable to see that the work of following up the rules of TE is not good enough then you (and your group) for sure have a large problem.

This is my final participation in this thread. I think I have many good ideas for how to improve the moderating of TE and supermod Justine Cogan is anytime welcome to send me a private e-mail to discuss some ideas. No need to dig ditches in this forum to sit there like some survivals of WWI and throw assertions on each other.

And by all means stop that way of arguing where the mods present themself as a bunch of holy cows that all the time is doing the ultimate job for the community. As long as the members reacts to the mods works - there is plenty of room for improvements - can't be that difficult to understand.

Have a fine day out there.
Old 04-02-2009, 01:19 PM
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Default Re: Patrice Carre's Wave - to Admin.

Hello Viviane,

Ok. I think it is fair to appear since you mentioned my name (Nuno... me I presume) and since you are one of the few mods that give the face when "tensions are high", even if no agreement is reached.

First of all I would like to say that if this was my site I would wipe out or change some of the TOS, specialy the one concerning nudity. I believe that rules are needed but they must be flexible. I also believe that TE is a great site amazingly organized and structured and the the owners are entitled to establish the rules as they wish. If members don't agree they can protest, get out or go on.

It is in this spirit that I find that you Viviane have a point. This is an astonishing shot, absolutely incredible, though I believe (and I must remain honest to myself) that it is more adequate to TL then to TE. I wish it could be otherwise and of course just like Kev, this is only my opinion. I wish the TOS were not so rigid and that TE could be more androgynous and accept shots like this one.

Please forgive me for stating my perhaps controversial opinion, in a way against freedom of speech and against my believes, but one should try to be honest even if it hurts.

Hugs to you all

Old 04-03-2009, 02:07 AM
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Default Re: Patrice Carre's Wave - to Admin.

Quite frankly, who wants to post at TL? Every time I look over there, there is a group chasing others around with torches like they are the angry villagers, and the hapless one they attack is
Frankenstein's monster.

There is nudity here, Nuno, but it seems the only accepted nudity is of "exotic" people. If I were to post nude photos from Miami beach of hot people, they would be removed. Double standard.

The real photographer comment made me laugh. I'm a real photographer. I took a picture of a rabbitt and some green stuff today. It was funny, Vivianne. :)

Old 04-03-2009, 08:31 AM
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Default Re: Patrice Carre's Wave - to Admin.

This morning in my e-mails:

"Hi Patrice,

After having discussed your photo - The Wave - with the whole team, it has been decided to not reactivated it.
It's really too much of abstraction, even if very inventive, as we have to get limits somewhere.




Good friday and week-end for all...
The begining of mine isn't good...

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