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Congratulations Didi! Your award is very impressive!

Thank you for your honest opinion. I really appreciate it. The thing is that Wikitravel community is very different than TrekEarth. Both sites are great however they have different goals. The goal on Wikitravel is to write and share travel knowledge with the others. When you want to travel somewhere, you usually ask people for recommendations for different restaurants, hotels or things to see. That's what we do on Wikitravel- we talk about it and create really helpful travel guides. I used Wikitravel several times during my travels and I truly believe this is a great source of information. Please try it yourself, you will see how helpful the site can be.

The problem we are facing on Wikitravel is that most of us don't want to read long articles that don't have any pictures. Pictures make our guides better, more interesting and more colorful Just have a look here

That's where I saw a really nice connection between those two great sites I believe in cooperation and I think that Wikitravel and TrekEarth can support each other.

What I would need the most now are TrekEarth users who would believe in this idea. I'm here to help and make things easier for everybody in this community. Therefore, Didi, it would be great if you could help me with that.

My warmest regards,
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