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Default Re: TE book - Thread of the filtering method

I think it is a good idea to first ask member who want to participate to propose a couple of their own picture. When themes for the book will be choose, a message could be send asking member who want to participate have to propose their picture until a decided closing date. Those pictures should be then submited to vote (by any member or a designated group of member).

I don't agree with limitation to 2005. This might sound personnal but take myself, I haven't post a picture on TE for more than a year and this for different reasons; on being that after the creation of TL, I've decided that since I'm not traveling then I won't be posting on TE and started to post my "local" shot on TL. I know this is a my own decision, some kind of personal rules. But eventhough I'm not posting on TE, I think I'm still an active member of the community, through forum messages that I regularly post on the forums, some critiques and comments I write sometime and through other action that might not be visible to the rest of the community.
I'm not the only one in this community and I think it would be unfair if we would left out of the project.
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