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Smile To DjoleEric: Dear Djole

Zdravo dear Djole

Thank you so much for your kind words, you are too kind. I am always trying to learn and improve. I do photography for a hobby, but am very passionate about it.

You are such a good photographer and at only 14 years old, have so much potential.

These are some of the things I try to do to improve my photography:

* I did a digital SLR photography course a long time ago as I had only ever used manual SLR cameras. That helped me alot.

* I read photography magazines and try to read as much as my time allows.

* But the best teacher has been my friends here on TE. Some of them are very honest with me, which is much better than hearing all the time "Fantastic, excellent", because there is always room to improve a photo.

* I look at the photos and camera settings of some of my most admired photographers here on TE. It depends what type of photography you want to do, but among my favourites are Carper, Floydian (see his account on Flickr, there is a link to it here on TE), Clementi, Sevy, bartleby, Inasiajones. If you like people photos yquem, NinaL, sayeed and Papera are all very good to look at and study.

* I look at the way they have composed a photo, the light they have used and how they have used it. The light is the most important thing once you get the basics correct.

* And then I go out as often as I can and take photos. If it is landscape photography, the light just before and after dawn and sunset is the most dramatic.

* Processing software is something I want to learn more about, but it is essential in digital photography. Of course Photoshop or Elements are good, as is Lightroom.

I hope this helps you and I am so happy you are here on TE with us.

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