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Originally Posted by ChrisJ View Post
Long winters and short summers. "the climate of this area the harshest in Turkey with the temperatures in long, heavily snowy, and bitterly cold winter regularly below -30C at nights (and no warmer than -15C during the day). Wet summers in Erzurum are around 30C in the day time and is chilly at night time"

You also probably didn't know that 3 to 4 people are killed here every year by large blocks of ice falling into the street from the rooftops above.
all this information about Turkey and its tulips is 100% true for Moscow, too, and for many other Russian cities and towns: long winters and short summers.
Here in winter temperatures may be up to -40C and in summer - up to +40C (for the past days the temperature has been around +30C in Moscow), and this winter was extremely cold.
And every winter in Moscow (and many other cities and towns) many people are killed by ice cubes and/or icicles falling from roofs, too.

And there are many tulips growing here, too. They are very 'common' objects.
So what?..