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Everyone can see themselves what you say about Moderators.

The TOS says common objects. How hard could it be to understand that what is in brackets is just an example of common objects?

Your note that expresses surprise to find tulips in East Turkey where the winters are cold does (sic) teach us anything about the World. If you had cared the least to find out anything about tulips in this part of the world you would perhaps have realized that tulips are native to East Turkey and that East Turkey has the very best climate for tulips, i.e. cold winters matched with dry, hot summers.
Then Ulfe, please quote where I said a particular moderator is a sociopath. I did not even mention a moderator's name. You won't find any insult to a particular moderator because it doesn't exist. You are putting your own interpretation on the statement I made, which was directed at certain MEMBERS on TL. Please stop twisting what I said to suit your own agenda. And you are taking the 'common objects' part of the t.o.s. out of context. I can no longer see the entire note I had attached because the image was removed. Repeated requests to moderators to receive an email notification to start a review process have been ignored.

I researched the climate here in East Turkey before I arrived. Long winters and short summers. "the climate of this area the harshest in Turkey with the temperatures in long, heavily snowy, and bitterly cold winter regularly below -30C at nights (and no warmer than -15C during the day). Wet summers in Erzurum are around 30C in the day time and is chilly at night time"

There was NOTHING, repeat nothing in Wikitravel about tulips in Erzurum. See for yourself:

I will walk backwards from here to Amsterdam if you do see any mention of tulips. Nor is there any mention in Lonely Planet. I have been in Erzurum since mid February and up until very recently all I have seen is snow and ice. But you don't live here, so you wouldn't know. You also probably didn't know that 3 to 4 people are killed here every year by large blocks of ice falling into the street from the rooftops above. You wont find that in the guidebooks either.

If this similar image had of also been deleted, I would be none the wiser about the existence of tulips in Turkey, until I saw them with my own eyes just very recently.

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