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Default Re: Featured locations: Namibia

No problem.
I'll do PEI and NL later when I have time...

By the way, in the Atlantic provinces, you should change:
Newfoundland to Newfoundland and Labrador.

Also, you should ask Adam to let you move individual photos if it is possible because I could help you with at least 60-75% in the Atlantic provinces...I already suggested changes for the unknowns in New Brunswick 2 years ago but the changes were never made...

To me, photos that are not listed are no good because how can we learn from the world if we don't even know where the picture was taken? Listing a photo under a general location is better than under Unknown...I would go as far as saying that the photos listed under Unknown and that don't have a "real" note explaining the shot or the reason for the "unkonwn" location should be deleted...

Anyways...I'll leave at that for now

Thanks Thomas
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