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Default Central American time lapse project

This is a Timelapse project I've made of one of the World's most beautiful regions: Central America.

Over the course of two separate trips spread over three months of backpacking thru Central America, I would periodically kick back and let my GoPro HD Hero2 shoot a time lapse, with the hopes of coming home and putting them all together as a compilation. The results here are a bit of the 10,000+ photos that I came back with.

Central America is a wild, raw, funny, beautiful, safe, dangerous and epic place to backpack. The people are just as curious of you as you are them, and the natural and cultural wonders that are to be found are spectacular. If you're thinking of venturing that way, just do it. Hopefully this project helps.

A list of places time lapsed, starting from the beginning:
1) Ft. Lauderdale International Airport
2) Tikal National Park, Guatemala
3) Punta Uva, Costa Rica
4) Lanquin, Guatemala--as seen from the deck of Zephyr Lodge, which is in all honesty, I believe is one of the best hostels in the world.
5) Antigua, Guatemala--as seen from Cerro de la Cruz lookout poitn
6) A random Costa Rican beach that has an entire tale of how we even ended up there in the first place
7) Lanquin, Guatemala--Again, as seen from the (opposite) deck of Zephyr Lodge
8) Lake Atitlan at sunrise. You'll faintly see a small cloud dancing around in the distance in this lapse. That is the smoke bellowing out of a still active volcano in the region. Wicked. The viewpoint is on top of a peak called the Indian's nose, and required a 3:30am wakeup call to get there and see the sunrise
9) Mal Pais, Costa Rica--the empty beaches, single dirt road, and diehard surfers make this spot an honest off path gem
10) Bocas del Toro, Panama--The backpackers party island chain in north Panama. Enough said.
11) Punta Jesus Maria, Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua. Watch for the fishers and their nets coming thru to catch the next meal
12) Tikal, Guatemala. The Grand Plaza
13) Mal Pais, Costa Rica. Just another beautiful and deserted Costa Rican beach. Pura Vida.

*A note about the lack of quality on some lapses. The GoPro shoots fine photos--even if it's low-light photos are not the best. This was produced in iMovie, which proved to be not so great for combining GoPro timelapse + editing + exporting after the final product was created. Still rad, but an upgrade to a better editing program is on the way. It's what I have, and what I know how to use right now....!

Make sure to set the video quality to HD on Youtube