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Originally Posted by mkamionka View Post
Hi,<br />
I am looking around for a while now. I think I will miss the maps the most. But even recent answer from Keitht (moderator) worried me. Owners, administrators and some moderators don't see the value and uniqueness of TrekEarth. After several discussions and no answers I think they decided to leave it as is until it dies out.<br />
Anyway, I subscribe to fotka: you anybody finds anything similar please share it here!<br />
<br />
<br />
mkamionka. If you interpreted my recent answer as not valuing the uniqueness of TE you could not be more wrong. I wouldn't have stuck around as a Mod if I didn't. There may be differing interpretations about what TE was and is, but that is a different matter. Mods have absolutely no control over the way issues with TE are addressed (or more accurately not addressed) and I can assure you we are just as frustrated as everybody else by that. I joined TE because I greatly valued the in depth critiques which were the norm 'back in the day', but which have for the most part been lost in recent years. If I had been able to find another site which did fulfil those old values I would have joined it long ago, but it doesn't seem to be there.
I do wonder how much longer the site will continue as IB clearly have very little interest in supporting or updating it. It would seem we are in something of a Catch22 situation. Because membership is low there is little incentive to fix the problems, but membership is low, at least in part, because problems never seem to get fixed. The few members remaining will eventually give up and leave, so problem solved for IB!
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