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Default new website

I think this is a sensible discussion. One day we'll try to find TE and it just wont be there, along with everything posted here. There are a number of alternatives, none quite the same as TE, that I've found: - set up by some disenchanted TEers some years ago, old timers will recognise some of the names (like everlasting). It isn't free, a quick look suggests that the quality of the photos is (dare I say it) higher, IMO. Activity though is also not high, maybe even less than TE. - quality of the critiques is higher, you don't see high praise of ordinary images as you tend to here. On the other hand, it doesn't have the same social interaction or travel theme, as far as I can make out from a quick poke around. - much bigger and more active, also not free, has critiquing but not sure of usefulness of the critiques, I haven't looked at it much so can't say more than that.

I've only looked quickly for alternatives so if others disagree with my assesment of the sites above I shall not be at all offended.


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