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Default Ordered Nikon D3 and bought Nikon D40 kit

Dear friends, Many thanks for writing and giving professional suggestions. After thinking a lot I ordered Nikon D3, which I will hope to get by mid December. But if Canon comes up with the replacement of full frame 5D with specifications similar with Nikon 3D or even better at competitive price, I can even cancel my order. I decided completely to switch to full frame. As per today I see Nikon D3 as best full frame camera in the market.Yesterday I bought Nikon D40 kit, after reading review on by Phil Askey. I am really amazed by the quality and light weight yet having all professional charactersticks required for a DSLR. I really enjoyed past two days with this camera. Its fast, light and functional. I am impressed by the high ISO performance as compared to my D200 (stolen). I have posted a 800 ISO shot today. You can check it here: <a href="" >D40 shot</a>
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