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Default Re: Canon 40D, Canon 5D or wait for Nikon D300....

Hi Rafal, horses for courses, mate!

Whether one likes the genre or style of Ansel Adams' work or not, I mention his name as he's widely regarded as a supreme technician - be it in the creation of the ultimate negative or the execution of the perfect print. I could have mentioned many others but, as he is one of my favourites, his name came naturally to mind.

I hope no-one thinks of me as either anti-technology or anti-fun. I'm definitely not either - as the list of gear I currently have (and have had over the years) can testify. I love looking for new gear and trying new gizmo's.

Hiwever, I've just come to the consclusion in my own mind (right or wrong) that if I buy a new piece of equipment, I'm not expecting it to transform the quality of my photos - only I can do that.

My equipment might help me improve (if I'm lucky) but the difference between cameras these days is generally so subtle that it would be hard to notice for the majority of amateurs who don't need a camera with a squillion megapixels - or one that can shoot hundreds of RAW images without drawing breath.

It's great that there's different types of photographers as it keeps the manufacturers on their toes......
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