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Default Re: Canon 40D, Canon 5D or wait for Nikon D300....

why do you have to put such a negative spin on everything, I don't get it, you seem to be very judgemental as of late.
Please let others enjoy whatever they want to enjoy, be it photography, equipment or maybe both, if you don't care about the topic there is an option of not writing a message in a thread.

After the fun of reading so many websites where hairs are cut in 4 or even 8 (DPreview, FM, etc...) about mostly feature and technical arguments, I think there are definitely 2 types of people, those who take photos (maybe becoming photographers) and those who cut these hairs. A lousy picture from a photography newbie on TE who enjoyed taking it is closer to the spirit of HCB than any diagrams, analyses, and of course ad nauseam 100-posts threads on what that camera or this lens does or does not.

Anyone ever heard or read some of their favorite photographers, go on and on about their equipment? If I read well, i think prior to the Leica M8, David Alan Harvey was using a D70, and could print large poster size images out of it as well. I think our not forgotten friend Simon did the same with the 20D.

But it's a lot of fun to shop for a new cam, let's not deny it. Just not exactly about "taking pictures", since we keep taking them (I hope) while agonizing gleefully about what Santa will finally deliver, when the season of giving (to oneself) is coming!
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