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Default Critique removed

Hello Mods

I received this email a day or so ago:

"Hi Will Perrett,
This is an automated email informing you that your critique listed below seems to go against the TrekEarth terms of service and therefore has been removed.
Critique: Hello Mesut
A very appropriate, timely and effective little portrait of lonely sadness. I was about to ask what you were doing out and about until I noticed the date the photograph was taken!
Regards, and stay safe.

OK, not the most helpful critique I've ever written, but having checked the TOS again, I can't for the life of me see anything objectionable in what I have written. I should like to know how my critique "seems to go against the TrekEarth terms of service" (I love the "seems"). You really need to think about the huge numbers leaving the site and consider how high-handed and thoughtless, ill-informed Moderator activity contributes to this.

More in sadness than in anger...

Will Perrett,
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