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Hello Loic,

You bring us two interesting fantasies here: one about the fantasy aperture and speeds and another about the crappy photos with hundreds of points.

About the first one maybe those cameras came from the outer space, just a guess:)

About the second subject you bring us, well maybe it has to do with a conspiracy of some members, something like: 'ok!! I give you points and then you return them to me as well and then we are the best of the site, and we will be awarded an empty bucket':)

I don't think it really has to do with the quality of their work, with the critiques they make all the days, with their participation, and so on, and so on... No, this is a conspiracy!!!

It's good that you brought us this subject to the forum, as I think besides the 20 zillions of times it has been brought, I think I've never saw it before.

Oooopppsss... I think I will have some tough reactions about this now... I shall go to the bunker :-)

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