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Default Re: Magnum and small digital cameras

I read that McCurry shot his Angkor book with the Sony, but I don't recall the source and at the time I didn't really believe it. Still don't to be honest. Strangely, I find that book to be one of his weakest. I have read more recently that he still shoots with old, manual Nikons and my guess is that he still does, although it wouldn't surprise me to know he has done some work with the Sony. I know that with the workshops he offers in NY, he shoots film and discusses the scanning, photoshop work and printing from there on, which makes me believe he is still a film guy. I know he used to do promotional work with Kodak as well, which makes me further question the Sony link. Anything is of course possible.

On Nat Geo, I saw a special on him which says he has a portfolio of a million slides in his apartment. A million!
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