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Default Re: my portfolio for the VII contest

"you're documenting 17-yr olds... this is exactly how they are. "
Probably but you have to be realistic and first think who's paying.

The problem Greg, is that you'll never see such pictures published for many reasons ... hence if you can't make money out, they're worth nothing. Maturity and market realism is also something they'd expect from their photographers, I guess.

I wonder if photojournalist students have some tips to share about the editors unofficial or unwritten rules... Narayan, something to say about that?

"I think you'd be better to take 10 either from the Phnom Penh dump"
Talking about weak themes, this is typically for me the false strong theme.. every tourist now goes to the Phnom Penh dump to get the sense they are war photographers, then back into their AC car. I'll stop there because I've already written what I felt about it, in past critics.

I'm not sure at that stage that the agencies are looking for new themes, -they'll provide their assignees the bloodiest themes you can imagine- but rather for a way to photo any kind of theme. If this is, I reckon 10 photos on Phnom Penh dump would be very redundant... but again I could be wrong, this is where it should be interesting to have learning photojournalists share their experience.
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