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Talking To holmertz: Borobudur

Hi Gert, Thanks for the critique.
The guide in Karnak told that Karnak was the largest. My immediate thought was: what about Angkor? So I checked Google.
I was so close to seeing Borobudur, because of covid I couldn't see it. And most probably I never will.
There are various lists, it depends on the definition. The first three are for sure. One list is interesting: Angkor Wat, Karnak, Borobudur, Akshardham in Delhi (something new, I haven't heard about it), Sri Ranganathaswamy (in Srirangapatna), Jetavanaramaya (Sri Lanka), Tikal (Guatemala), Brihadeswaara (in Tanjavur), Meenakshi and Baalbek. I saw 5. I am afraid you are better .

best regards MAlgo
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