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Robbery is linked to social problems in whatever country / area you're in. A camera, jewellery, money...whatever, represents a meal (or drugs) to someone who wants it but can't buy it. It's got zero to do with terrorists or religion - just basic economics and the need to eat or feed an addiction.

I'm not a woman. I'm almost six feet tall and weigh quite a bit. I'm reasonably fit (for a fat bloke) and I feel I could defend myself okay in a straight fight. Put a knife in the other guy's hand, however, (or put him among two or more of his "friends") and I'd put the camera down and walk away. Actually, I'd probably "run" away.

A technique I learned years ago from a friend is to put a wad of low-denomination notes in a heavy, metal money clip. If anyone demands money, take out the money clip and throw it as far in the opposite direction to where you need to go to get away. They will, almost certainly go after the money. You then leg it in the general direction of "away" - hopefully into a crowd - and then to the Police.

I've walked around with 000's of gear on my back in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Kenya, Yugoslavia, Holland, Germany, Maldives, Dominican Republic, India and even the UK. I've met up with lone female travellers along the way and have never heard of them having problems.

I'm not saying it won't or couldn't happen but we can do much to limit the impact (do research and avoid the really bad bits) or give ourselves an escape route - travel by taxi, get a local (licensed) guide to show us around for a few shekels and NEVER accept lifts or invitations to go anywhere we don't want to go.

Oh, and carry a VERY loud whistle to attract attention if you need to as a last resort. There's nothing muggers / robbers like less than attention.


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