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Default To notrap: A fabulous workshop! Thank you! :)

Hello Elvira,

Thank you so much for your kind words but thank you even more for your superb workshop!

Actually, as soon as I had posted this I immediately saw the error of my ways and how foolish I had been - what a crazy idea to chop the top off a monument - I can't imagine what I was thinking. Must be early (or late!) dementia!

I really should have done exactly what you have done - I presume you laid your sky over my (workshop, uncropped) image, applied a mask and then "painted through" the mask to reveal the new sky just where you wanted it. Either that or laid my image over your sky and similarly used a mask. You have certainly done the work very professionally and I can see no evidence whatsoever that the work has been done.


So now I'm in Scotland looking at a monument in Norway sitting beneath a German sky!

Thank you so much, Elvira!

Kind Regards,


P.S. Regarding the weather during our little cruise to Norway, the day in Bergen was actually the only dull wet one. If you look through any of my photos from Norway prior to Bergen you will see that the weather was very good! We were very lucky, I think.

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