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Thumbs up such a picture is actually not useful

I can't understand well why I felt good clicking 'useful' like I don't have the intention to reuse the picture but for looking another time on it. I believe this is a good art custom at first glance not to think about usefulness of the work of art to keep the way free in prime view on the object of art to find joy in having a chance to look on it. Art is meant for finding joy. It is a general misunderstanding to be useful is a reason to create forthcoming from this kind of overestimated attention which is given to skill and technical means. When you take the shot you look what good be of use to create as good as you can - never think that you wouldn't do so - in order to make with your result a piece of beauty. Because that is the way we reason when creating this is possibly the reason why we think our work has to be useful as much as it was useful to excert the creative proceeding. But a stupid artist we would be if we would inform our customers how we create.
About the picture: it shows well in a moderate lightfall and brightness the classic rococo style in which this gate is constructedand keeps a well balanced distance from the entrance. For a next operaive shooting of any streetview you could desymmetry your way of looking at the object of attention like what brings with this view is as well the static symmetry - and thus you give a view on this show-off for the element of authoritarian power from the time of construction and the investment power of this customer - and I have taught myself if the take brings that ressemblance of time setting then each time to set one step aside and leave in the picture room to pass this centralising power which is many times that much attracting the attention that you can't escape the force nearly which is set in that idiom of central power. So take a picture with no o degrees central perspectivity in it. For study you could look for some historic art displays that had discovered this element as well.
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