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Default To riclopes: quantity!

Hello Ric!
I totally understand what you say about time and having to make choices. You went for quantity. Me, I don't even go for quality or quantity, I come here to say hello to some people once in a while. I guess an e-mail would work the same, but we met on this site posting photos, so...
I was not dancing, but I was passing by on a motorbike and the driver did not hear me asking for him to slow down...So I just tried a shot without even looking in the viewfinder. I don,t know where the focus landed, and I was not even sure it was well framed...It turned out ok I guess
About the sharpening...don't worry!! It was an impression. I know this would not be the "final" version you would print.
I was wondering, did you have to learn spanish when moving to Spain? Or if Portuguese and Spanish are close enough so that you can understand? Or maybe you already knew Spanish well? Anyway, I,m glad you're having fun there!

see you,

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