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Default Sorry...

" Adam must be enjoying the popularity of the site. It's got to be a huge ego stroke. I doubt if he wants to take any action that might chase away the majority of members."

"I don't think that's fair, not even close."

I don't see anything at all that's unfair about what I wrote. Are you sure you are reading it correctly?

Adam's got a very popular site. Lots of people set up sites that don't get a tiny fraction of the traffic that this one does.

Sure, it takes some work to maintain. And I doubt that he's making any significant money from the site (he might even be a bit out of pocket).

Given that my financial assumption is true, then there are only two reasons that I can think of which would explain his continuing to run this site.

First, he enjoys its popularity. That's the "ego stroke" part.

Second, he anticipates/hopes that some well-funded entity purchases the site from him for significant money. (That just happened to one privately owned site with which both you and I are familiar. The existing traffic made the owner "rich" - his word.)

As for your concept, I'll address that separately in a different post.
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