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Default Re: 10 thoughts

> Adam must be enjoying the popularity of the site. It's got to be a huge ego stroke. I doubt if he wants to take any action that might chase away the majority of members.

I don't think that's fair, not even close. Adam's always fixing bugs, and he works damned hard on the sites. Personally I know I wouldn't want a small kid, a full time job, and have to deal with the overall moderation of TE/TL/TN as well - that's a massive amount of work. I wouldn't have time to sleep, let alone significantly change things based on a few bits of feedback.

Feedback is what I'm trying to provide though, positive feedback - not carping on about much better life would be if...

I'm trying to come up with a concrete proposal, and then attempt to get the community's backing for it. If it's a success, then I'll ask Adam. If he refuses, that's fair enough, it's his site. There's always a possibility that I'll code it myself in that eventuality - but first I need to get the concepts right. That's what I'm asking here. Is my concept correct, and do you (collectively) think it'll work as intended if implemented?
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