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Default Re: 10 thoughts

"The TOS are there for all to see, if people don't want to conform, they should go elsewhere."

What we don't seem to get in these periodic discussions on critique quality and the point system is input from Adam. (Perhaps he has spoken up and I've missed it.)

I remember (perhaps incorrectly) that he established this site as a serious (semi-serious?) critique site. It certainly was a critique site in it's early days. But over time it has grown to be a high traffic site and serious critiques seem to have become a small subset of the activity.

It seems to me that a lot more people are interested in showing their pictures and collecting points. I could be very wrong on this one. All I've got to go on is subjective, no objective data.

Adam must be enjoying the popularity of the site. It's got to be a huge ego stroke. I doubt if he wants to take any action that might chase away the majority of members.
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