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Wink To eldancer1: Black & White

Hi Eleu,

I learned about photography primarily in black & white many moons ago. College classes required developing film and prints in black & white in their labs. Professors trained us to think and look for details in subjects rather than just for pretty colors. And now with digital post processing, I notice many photographers are going for saturated colors often way over saturated, with orange skin people, purple skies, green waters, etc.

I have recently been converting color digital images into B & W via Photoshop Elements. I read several places recommending to convert to color after rather than trying to take a B & W image with a digital camera. Also, the best Infrared B & W requires converting the digital camera's sensor. But I think Photoshop does an OK job if there is contrast in the original image.

In the meantime people will keep complaining about my color photos lacking in color and contrast but then "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Thanks for commenting, and I hope you work on and post some B & W art images.

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