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Exclamation TOS / Announcement

It has come to our notice that a long standing member has posted many dozens, possibly hundreds, of duplicate images in direct contravention of the Terms of Service of this site. This has been happening for many years but previously escaped detection. Despite numerous requests made both in private and as comments on some of their images, not only have they failed to remove the duplicates, they continue to post even more. We have therefore had no choice but to delete all these duplicates with the knock on effect it has of removing critiques which other members have gone to the effort to submit. For your wasted effort we are sorry.

The member has had their posting rights suspended until a final decision is made on the best long term action to prevent any repetition of this behaviour.

In order that there is no doubt or confusion we repeat the content of item 2 in the Photograph section of the TOS. " Identical photos (unmodified or not) may not be re-posted except through the 'Post to Workshop' or 'Re-Post' mode". This included cropping, reversing, rotating, conversion to black and white, combining previously submitted images as part of a montage, distorting by stretching, This is not a comprehensive list. The rule is simple - any image can only be submitted once.

Please comply with this.
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