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Hi Paul,
this is even more easy although I can talk from experience about the north of England: West is infamous for being particularly rainy. Manchester for example is known as having always terrible weather. Teesside where I live: in the east: is very dry. There are just small hills between east and west but somehow they keep the clouds coming over from the west.
Interestingly the same situation happens in Ireland: western part of the country is extremely rainy. In the north west, Donegal, it rains like 9 out of 10 days.
While Dublin is relatively dry. Basically the bad rainy weather comes from north west.
Also interesting the north east England has nearly identival weather to east of Ireland. I was checking precipitation level temperatures etc before I moved from Dublin to Teesside. So it really looks as if the west gets terrible weather probably from the Atlantic or Arctic and it gets milder before it gets to the east coast.
Kind regards,
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