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Default some China backpacking ideas

Originally Posted by wawa View Post
Thanks for your encouraging comments
If you ever need hints on Qinghai or SW China I may be able to help
With all your Chinese travels any idea on your side of a nice area outside Sichuan, TAR, Guangxi, Guizhou for a late spring vacation ? We look for the old rural China rather than Shanghai & co
Looking at the map of your pictures, I must say you've "covered" most of the really interesting countryside provinces. On the other hand, China is so big...

1) The obvious "gap on the map" must be Yunnan, which is a fantastic province to travel in, though you'd have to put up with some rather touristy places along the way. As you probably know, this is China's most varied province with eternal snow on the high mountains in the north and tropical forest in Xishuangbanan in the south. Should be high on the agenda!

+ Some other trips we've done, a bit more to the East, i.e. with a somewhat denser population, though less western tourists:

2) The Huizhou region, which covers northern Jiangxi and southern Anhui, is great, with the Anhui villages the more popular destinations and northern Jiangxi a bit more off-the-track.

3) We really liked the Taishun area in the deep south of Zhejiang, with its famous (relatively speaking) wooden bridges and some great lush countryside. Some basic knowledge of Chinese is a must here, as this area doesn't see many western visitors. We had some bad luck with the weather here, but springtime should be no problem.

And then there's lots of places still on our list too, e.g. Hunan.

Anyway, wherever you go, go slow.

If you have any specific questions about some of the places in my gallery, don't hesitate to ask.

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