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I would say you are thinking along the right lines although Canon/Nikon/whatever is more a matter of personal preference rather than equipment capabilities - remember that once you buy-in to a system you will be reluctant to swap, particularly once you start buying lenses. My advice is always to visit a dealer and try the equipment in the shop - take along memory cards and you can review sharpness, etc. back at home .....

My first DSLR was a Canon 350D and was preferred to the comparable Nikon on the basis of how the camera (at that time) fit my hands. Shortly after buying the 350D with a kit lens I upgraded to a Tamron 18-200mm XR Di II and have sold more work from that particular combination than from any other (I currently use a 5DII). I would generally advise against a wide range zoom (i.e. 18-300mm) as they tend to be optically less capable (though opinions will differ and, at the end of the day, it's down to personal preference again). You may even find the 18-200mm more useful than a 50mm when photographing children once they are moving about .....

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