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Default To macjake: Hello Craig

Thank you for your kind comments on the posting. I have to say I did see many gondolas passing each other inside the Venetian. Perhaps because the waterways were closed on the outside. Though my natural tendencies are to prefer natural lighting this was quite the challenge for the most part in the dark. Not to mention my worst sin by not taking my tripod with me because I was too lazy...used high ISO's instead.
I went through your Vegas photos in your gallery and conclude you did very well with your outdoor shots. I especially like your timing for the Bellagio waterfall posting capturing the details of water. Enjoying time photographing outside in LV was difficult because of the cold temperatures and no one in my family group was interested in walking out at night in the freezing temps. At any rate I did get the chance to capture a few traditional time exposures. The whole place abounds with exceptional opportunities. Thanks for stopping by Craig. Have a great day yourself too.


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