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Default Is the TrekEarth site still abandoned by IB?

Hi Everyone,
The world has changed in recent two years so maybe it is naive but I thought
something may have also changed in the Internet Brands, maybe management is new or you got some new IT people who are smarter, maybe your priorities have changed...
So I wanted to bring up this question again:
Is the TrekEarth site still left to die out or there is a hope that somebody would restore the original functionalities like for example the maps?

It reminds me a case of Kodak. Company which was pioneering photography by because they didn't swtitch to digital photography fast enough they collapsed. Here I suppose the switch to the phone apps was critical for ensuring the new generation would partiocipate.
As much as I hate smart phones, I think the modern world is addicted to them so if something has no app, it ceases to exist.

Kind regards,
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