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I have sent numerous e-mails to kivel and others, regarding the publishing, printing and shipment of the TE book. I had received several price quotes regarding the book. The best option was letting (The largest book supplier in the world), handle the entire project. Amazon would be the publisher, printer and the shipper. Shipping costs were extermely reasonable ($5-$20 US dollars) as compared to the last quote that someone else provided ($80-100). This seems to be a win-win situation. I submitted this proposal last month and I have not received a response.

Several questions must be answered before the project procedes:
1. Is there a contract with a publishing company, printer or shipper regarding this book?
2. If there was, what is the printing price per book and is there a minimum number of books that must be ordered?
3. Is the book ready to be printed in the proper format or does it require additional formating from the publisher and/or printer?
4. If the book is ready to be printed, what format is it in?
5. How many pages for the book?
6. Hard cover or soft cover?
7. What is the size of the book?
8. What stock size for the pages?

This project should not die after all the work which has been put into the book. I have been offering to help with this project since the very inception, but until recently, I was not asked. Hopefully, it is not too late.

David Letts (Retagger)
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