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jmdias 06-03-2020 09:36 AM

To Royaldevon: cold rain

we had 30 mm of rain in these last two days, what is impressive after so many weeks with almost nothing. anyway this cold rain isn't enough to improve the waters in the rivers and subterranean waters, at least the rains saved the winter corn and permitted the seeds of wheat germinate, wheat loves cold rains when young.. at this moment it is dark outside, the sunrise will occur in some minutes and the thick cold fog (British) is outside. one of the legends tells Londrina city (daughter of london) received its name because the english ruler of the colonization company compared the local fog with the london, of course here, after the cold matinal fog we can have an intense sunny day, not usual in london. haha.

take care


Royaldevon 06-03-2020 10:01 AM

Ha! Ha! Jorge, London is not renown for long sunny days but, believe me, it has experienced them in abundance this spring!

Take care,
Bev :)

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