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lennarts 01-30-2007 05:00 PM

To Luko: 10 points to a good critique!
Thanks Luko!
It is a pleasure and honor to receive such a good critique. I'm really an amateur and some things are difficult to figure out on your own.
I agree with your critique about my photo being messy due to the boat overlapping the horizon, now that i think of it, it is messy indeed. Would you suggest that the horizon be higer, at roughly upper 1/3 of the photo and the boat was lower/closer? So that the horizon would be above the head of the woman?
The note about angle is probably right too.

Your last comment about my photo is what makes me wonder. Because the original image was actually larger, there was empty space both in front and behind the boat. And the way you see it is actually due to my cropping in PhotoShop. For me this way it seemed as if the boat was going faster than in inversed ratio. I'll try a workshop.... for a new look.
Thanks again for one of the best critiques if I've ever received in TE!

damn, I have to run now.... There was some more things I wanted to say regarding my comments on your Halong Bay photo. I'll continue later. Take care!

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