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SamB 01-09-2008 08:50 PM

To Manamo: Thanks
Thanks for this very thoughtful critique... this is the kind of stuff that we don't get enough of on TE.

As for your points--if i remember correctly, i had noticed the similarity between the human figure and the branches of the trees before and had that in mind when i took this picture. The line, however, i hadn't thought out as much. The line was only 30-45 cm off the ground, and i wasn't able to actually compose the picture through the viewfinder. Would you have preferred a more noticeable tilt to the line over this? In the future i will likely try to make both horizontal and more diagonal compositions.

i agree with you on the aperture... that was one of my first regrets about this picture after i took it.

i think that the dust was on the lens rather than the sensor, as it didn't appear in any of my other pictures that day, as i recall.

As for the watermark--i just made an action in Photoshop that is use for all of my pictures now... it's just one click, so it appeals to the lazy side of me. i may in the future look into a few small touches on each picture to make it adequately subtle, but currently my attitude is that it doesn't pose a hindrance to the purposes of this site as it is, and so i'm not going to go too far out of my way to customize it to each picture.

i really appreciate your critique--i can tell that you thought it out very carefully, and i appreciate the subtleties that you brought to my attention.


Manamo 01-10-2008 01:44 PM

Re: To Manamo: Thanks
Hello Sam,

I understand you did not think about all I said. It's normal, you had someone over your head in balance on a small wire! It's easier when looking at it afterwards!
About the angle of the line. Well, me, I would prefer a perfect horizontal line. Diagonal would work too. In between is not as good in my opinion. But with that one, I was very picky! It's really just a personal taste.
The aperture, well, it's not that bad. Anyway, my attention is almost all on the feet and the wire. I actually wonder if a focus on the feet would not be the best...
I think the dust was on the lens as well, too big for a sensor dust. It's just that it is the kind of detail that will make a picture sold or not. Quality is an important factor in my opinion to go further with our pictures.
How do you add you watermark? If on photoshop, you can add it on a brand new layer, add a mask and just paint black on the mask where you want the marks to disappear. It would take about 30 seconds!
Ok, time to work now!
Have a nice day,

SamB 01-15-2008 01:28 AM

Re: To Manamo: Thanks
Hahaha... yeah... it's those 30 seconds that i'm not rearing to put in... perhaps i'm just too lazy :-)

Thanks again, i appreciate all the feedback.

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