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maloutim 02-06-2018 08:19 AM

Bigger BETA version
It's now 10 months since I came back to TE after an absence of 3 years.
I have noticed more and more people are putting a link in their note attached to the post, to the bigger BETA version of their photo.
At first, I didn't take too much notice, as I usually have both sites open when I surf on them. Then I can choose on which site the photo looks better .
But now I realise putting a link to the bigger BETA version is much more simple for the viewer. This is of course because the photo appearing on the usual site is really too small to appreciate to the full.
Then I usually reduce my photos to 1050 or 1100 pixels max, and I find they appear just right on the page of the BETA site. Only once did I post a photo of 1941 pix max, and I never did it again, because I find it annoying to find I have to scroll in all directions to view this great big photo.

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