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Royaldevon 10-17-2021 08:02 PM

To PaulVDV: Pippi Longstocking
Thank you, Paul.

Yes, Pippi Longstocking did wear odd socks but my daughter loved to wear bright socks, particularly after reading the books, so she became Pippi Longstocking because her stockings were so garish!

My warm regards, Bev 😊

holmertz 10-18-2021 08:32 AM

Hello Bev and Paul,
"Everyone in Sweden" doesn't wear odd socks, but one of our highest ranking diplomats (Ambassador to the UN among other things) was well known for doing just that after retirement, when he was allowed to behave without any formal restrictions. He "came out" as a kind of "dandy" with a rather extravagant way of life and dress. I met him once or twice while he was still in his career, perfectly formal and strict, but with a lighthearted personality.
Best regards,

PaulVDV 10-19-2021 06:46 PM

OK, I got it Gert.
You wear two of the same stockings.

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