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Lavonne 07-24-2013 07:03 PM

To nikkitta: Blankets worn as coats by African tribes
Hi Maria, thanks for your note!

Yes, the reason for the blanket worn as a coat is largely because of poverty, people can't afford to buy jackets and so the blankets are multi-purpose for sleeping and to keep the people warm outside. Sometimes there are special blankets for special occasions, I'll put up a picture of a Xhosa boy on initiation with his special blanket soon!

Many women also wear towels wrapped around the waist, almost like a wrap skirt. Mostly wherever they go there are no chairs and people sit on the grass, which is sometimes a bit wet and the towels around the waist helps quite a bit for warmth.

Lesotho (not very far from Transkei where my photos were taken) is another country famous for their blankets, its designs inspired by the Basotho royal family and are really beautiful. Just google Basotho blankets for more information on that or copy and paste this link:

All the best and thanks for the interest!

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