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PaulVDV 01-21-2022 02:58 PM

To holmertz: The most beautiful street
Thank you Gert,

On the map of Bitola, this street seems really narrow, an alley. I was surprised it was so wide.
It was indeed the most beautiful street in Bitola, but the city was also pleasant in other places.

Merchandise was displayed in various places in Širok Sokak and I took a lot of photos, but not every photo is worth showing afterwards.

Could it be that you are a bit biased, just a little bit, about Skopje?
It was the first place where I arrived in North Macedonia and I really liked it.

Best regards,

holmertz 01-21-2022 03:17 PM

Hello Paul,
I can't say that I disliked Skopje, I just wasn't very impressed. Perhaps my negative attitude is mainly due to the "patriotic" changes and additions that have been made in later years, that I have seen on TE. They seem to be made in a rather kitschy and bad taste and painfully nationalistic.
Best regards,

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