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tyro 06-07-2020 02:14 PM

To alvaraalto: No, not I!
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Hello Rob,Thank you so much for your kind words about this one! And it's a real compliment too, coming from the master of reflections!Actually, I have had a careful look at this one again - with my Hercule Poirot magnifying glass - and I'm sure I am not in the photograph! Most of the stuff you can see in the window is what was going on inside the building (the elderly people dancing) - and I had to lighten the window area a lot in Photoshop to allow you to see inside. On the right I am sure that is Claude (CLODO) but I'm sure my reflection would have been way off to the left due to the obliquity of the shot.If you look carefully at the reflection you mention, you will see that the photographer to the left of the boy's head is wearing a dark top (I was wearing a light beige jacket like Claude's) and you will also note that he has a ring on his right little finger (I have never had one). Therefore, dear Inspector, I can only conclude that the photographer in question was a certain Mike Wright (mjw364), a delightful fellow who was with us at the meeting. Unfortunately Mike, like so many TE members, has not been active here for quite some time. I'll try to add here a quick picture I took of Mike while he was taking a shot that day in Buxton - a terrible photo (you're restricted to a max of 97Kb for a jpg here) - but you should be able to see that he is a perfect likeness! I rest my case M' Lord! :)Thank you once again, Rob!You take care and stay safe.Kindest Regards,John.

alvaraalto 06-07-2020 08:08 PM

detective Tyro
Hello John,
Good thing you're alerting me to your detective work on the boy peeking through the window. I'm sorry I missed it.
You could be a good detective in one of the many English detective series we regularly see on TV. Especially the details of your research work has impressed me
The slender figure of Claude I had recognized because I saw him in person in Manchester, but I did not count on 2 photographers next to each other.
Groet Rob

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