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Wahclellaspirit 04-30-2010 03:53 AM

To MBWhite: Good Thursday and Now Friday For You
Hello MB,

Thanks for the visit, and if you ever decide to visit the Northwest allow me to kn:)ow and I will see about putting a tour together for you, with you if you prefer to go together, and you can save money and you will not have to pay for a car, and, you will have my services for FREE as a guide throughout Northern California and the entire states of Oregon and Washington.

Are you in Germany or where these days?

Looking forward to your response,

MBWhite 04-30-2010 01:22 PM

The northwest
Good morning Steve,

Your offer is very kind and we just might take you up on it in the next year or two. I really want to see Oregon and Northern California. We are home in Florida right now. No european vacation this year.

We are doing a family trip with parents, brothers, sisters, aunt, uncle, cousins (you get it) in July which will include some time in Seattle and Leavenworth and the famous Alaska cruise. We've done the cruise before, but the family wanted to go again. It is a wonderful place to continue practicing with my camera. I've never been to WA though, so we planned some time before and after to explore. My brother and SIL invited us to Leavenworth to spend time at their timeshare and our time in Seattle is at a B&B right in town.

If you want to visit Leavenworth, we would be happy to connect somewhere in town. If I can't have Germany - at least I have a fake Bavarian village. ;-)

As for the wooden shoes, I didn't buy any. At the time, I thought corny tourist.... but now looking back, a bright red or blue pair would be a great conversation piece in a corner of one of our rooms. I'll just have to go back and get them, someday.....

And if you ever get to Florida...........
Happy Friday - weekend,

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