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Riz 10-27-2004 03:43 PM

Jerry Uelsmann
I think <b > <a href="">Jerry Uelsmann </a> is a really good photographer all of his work "looks photoshopped" but I've read it took him like a week to make one print.
He used enlargers 3-5 for one image all of his work is like that.
I really enjoy his galleries 1,3, and 4. Some interesting work more along TL kinda style, but I respect the patience and time he took to create his work.

sohrab 10-28-2004 04:13 PM

Re: Jerry Uelsmann
wow he's really good. the work is definitely not what im inclined towards, but it's really good.
te member "goblyne" sent me this link

you might like it

this is one of the first few photographs i had taken. you might find this interesting. i took this quite a few years ago. there is no photoshop involved here except for some cropping. this was scanned from a print of a single negative

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