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Windmill Farm
Windmill Farm (10)
Trip Date:2004-08-21 - 2004-08-31
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Since 1995, every end of August, my partner and I take our holidays by taking circle tours of different areas of any given region of a continent. We have done parts of Europe, Asia and in the past five years, North America. Last year was a circle tour of Lake Michigan. This year, we drove around Southern California starting from San Diego in the South driving to Twenty Nine Palms to the East, Los Angeles to the West and then back to San Diego. This is desert country folks and the photo opportunities are varied - from modern architecture of Los Angeles to the weird rock formations of the Joshua Tree National Park. It was hot, people thought of us as crazy lunatics taking vacation in Palms Springs in August (!). But this is not the first time we did this, in the winter of 2001, we headed north for a circle tour of basically the Great Lakes from Chicago, Detroit, Windsor (Ont.), Toronto, Buffalo, NY, then I-80 back to Chicago ... but that got truncated because we were caught in the biggest snow storm in a decade in Buffalo. But I digress, a friend of ours offered us her house in Palm Desert ... and that was an offer that was very hard to refuse. Enjoy the views!