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Little Flower Miao People
Little Flower Miao People (4)
Trip Date:2010-02-10 - 2010-03-15
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Countries visited:China
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For this third ethnic component in south-west China, we were searching rare and scattered ethnic groups in the region. As in 2007, we included the week of Chinese New Year in the trip.

Departure from Guiyang, we traveled during fourteen days in Guizhou province and visited its frost for a while. The first week met the peoples Buyi, Miao, Shui and Yao. In the second week, snow and ice joined us, then a fair sun, which is scarce in Guizhou; it was the opportunity to meet other Miao people. We were also surprised to encounter a great number of Han people, majority group, in traditional costume.

The night train from Kunming to Guiyang headed for Yunnan province and a persistent sun. This second part allowed me to see Dali again and Bai people. The road to Baoshan opened south-west area of the province to discover ethnic groups Lisu, Dai, Jingpo, Achang, De'ang and Nu. A long ascent to the north has led to Lijiang and Lugu Lake, to spend a short time in the province of Sichuan, and return Yunnan by the earth forest of Yuanmou. We then mixed with people of Bai, Naxi, Pumi, Yi and Mosuo groups.

Last colored hours in Kunming, with other ethnic quivers on the squares in the early morning or in the parks, in the village of minorities and minority museum.