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New Zealand
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Trip Date:1997-10 - 1998-02
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Countries visited:Australia, New Zealand
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After getting my masters degree in Communication at the Amsterdam University in 1997, I decided to reward myself with a good backpacking trip. I was going alone, so I preferred English speaking territory. So, Australia and New Zealand were going to be visited from november '97 'till february '98!
It's been a while already, but every now and then I have a look at the photoalbums I made and I still get a big grin on my face. Both countries I enjoyed. In Australia I had a lot of fun, made a lot of new friends, saw a lot, but also took some time to recover and relax. In New Zealand I was truly overwhelmed by the beauty, the Maori culture, the friendly people and -most impressive- the 3 day walk through Abel Tasmanpark.
On the best 3 months of my life! So hereby; a late tribute!
Hope you enjoy it.